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#2 First a Thought

#2 First a Thought

In this blog I write the transcript of my new podcast that I started on Spotify:

Unfortunately, at the moment I only record this in my native language Dutch, but via this blog you can also read my podcast in English and French.

I'm going to talk more about manifesting and motivating, my manifestation processes and my coaching trajectories, with the intention of inspiring you, giving you ideas, to make your dreams, wishes, goals, ideas come true.

♥ Much love and success on your path ♥

Love, light & peace,

Hello! Welcome to the blog of PRECIOUS ANGELS SOLUTIONS!

Today, Tuesday, February 14, 2023, I would like to talk about how everything first arises with a thought.

Because before something can take shape, there is something or someone who has thought about it, created the thought, and then put it into practice.

That's actually the case with everything. With all kinds of physical things, but also with intangible things. That too was first shaped so that it could then emerge in reality.

I actually find it quite fascinating.

And then when it comes to physical, tangible things, like I say something, a car, it was thought about a long time ago, it was studied, it was tinkered with, it was refined to become even better and more beautiful.

And in connection with non-physical matters, such as a wish or a dream to travel to a beautiful distant country or something, that was also considered, which country, where do you want to go, a warm or cold country, by the sea whether inland, on a campsite, at a hotel or renting an apartment or house, what do you want to do there, ….so first there is that thought again, the thought of how you would like to shape something.

And when you have clarity about that, you can start creating and manifesting it!

Ask And It Is Given! Ask and it will be given to you!

The art is to know how best to manifest something.

So 1: getting clarity, determining all the details of your wish

2: feeling and imagining how it feels if you already had it or how it feels if you were already there

3: trust that it will come

4: even more confidence that it will come. This means letting go of all limited thoughts about it and thinking only of the positive of your wish

5: questions to the Universe and this in the words as if you already have it

6: don't worry about the HOW… so don't think about where the money will come from

7: Just trust and let go

Try these steps with something small, a small wish. Firmly convinced that you can manifest it and that it will come!

So what would you like to try manifesting? Something small… to start with?

Let me know if you'd like to share this with me. You can reach me via my website/webshop www.preciousangelssolutions.com at the bottom of customer service, where you can fill in a contact form.

Or via E-mail is also possible: [email protected]

That's about it for today, so I'll be back tomorrow Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

I wish you a nice day and a great start in manifesting your wishes and dreams!

♥ Lots of love and good luck on your path ♥

Love, light & peace,

And very welcome to take a look at our webshop:


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E-mail: [email protected]


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