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Worry Stones

Gemstones and minerals and their medicinal properties have been known to people for centuries, according to excavations. Rock crystal, jasper, jade, garnet and serpentine are some of the oldest known types of stones. For example, they were worn as amulet or seal, whether or not provided with inscriptions or images. Other types of gemstones are still relatively young, ie they were discovered not so long ago, such as apophyllite, sugilite, larimar and kunzite.

Gemstone therapy is once again in the spotlight. More and more people are discovering again that gemstones and minerals can be a very good tool to reduce or mitigate complaints or problems.

Gemstones in the form of worry stones are oval and flat and you can easily carry them with you in your jacket or trouser pocket and let them do their job.

The worry stone can best match your personal wishes or complaints.

This choice of a gemstone can come about in different ways. Based on color and associated chakra, description of complaint or effect or, for example, based on zodiac sign or month of birth. But it is actually even more important to rely on your own intuition or feeling.

Which gemstone "feels" good? Which gemstone do I think is the most beautiful or appeals to me the most? Listening carefully to our own senses and our feelings is the best method to find gemstones that suit us at that moment.

For optimal performance, it is wise to clean gemstones before use and recharge them once in a while.

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