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Hello! Welcome to the blog of PRECIOUS ANGELS SOLUTIONS!

Today, Tuesday April 4, 2023 I'm talking about the theme ′′ Relationships ′′ in which I tell more about manifesting a love relationship according to your wishes!

♥ Much love and success on your path ♥
Love, light & peace,

Hello, I'm Petra from Precious Angels Solutions and welcome to my blog.

I am a manifestation & motivation coach and I help individuals and entrepreneurs manifest their ideas, their wishes, their dreams, by mastering the art of manifestation in their daily life!

Today is Tuesday and as promised I'm going to talk about the theme of “relationships”.

And by that I mean all kinds of relationships, that can be friendly, peer, love relationships.

Maybe I'm not going to talk about all these types of relationships today, we'll see what comes to mind.

Relationships! Relationships also consist of “energy”, positive or negative. And our thoughts about relationships or about a specific relationship can be positive or negative.

This has a lot to do with our ideas and beliefs about relationships or about a specific relationship.

What does your ideal relationship look like, if this is a friendly relationship?

Or what does your ideal collegial relationship look like?

Or what does your ideal love relationship look like?

And if you were able to determine this and you compare it with reality?

Is it in reality the way you would like it to be?

I once coached a lady from Paris and she wanted to manifest a love relationship again. She had been going out with her girlfriend for a while now.

And together we determined what type of man she wanted to manifest in her life.

But when we did an exercise at a certain point, where I asked her if she could create PLACE for this man in her apartment, in her home, so for example, by doing something funny and setting the table for 2 people instead of just for herself or making room in her wardrobe, then she went into resistance and found this idea a bit ridiculous at the time.

Which of course made me immediately notice as a coach that she wasn't as 'ready' as she thought for a new relationship. It has been years since I coached her and I no longer have contact with her, but I do wish that she has a very nice, loving relationship with a very sympathetic, attentive man.

What I want to show with this is that sometimes people ask for something they are not really ready for.

Something they still resist, something they still fight with or something they haven't processed yet, to be able to move on with the next step of their lives.

So before you will be able to apply the 6 points of my manifestation process, these blockages, resistance or fear(s) that you still have must first be processed and eliminated.

And then, only then, can we start manifesting that the splashes are flying off.

So in my example, imagine you want to start manifesting a new love in your life.

What would you like to see in that person? What character traits can he or she have? How old is she or he? What type? What does your ideal flame look like? What attracts you in a woman or man?

These are some general questions that you can answer, but what about questions like what kind of love relationship would you like? Would you like to do everything together right away, or would you prefer to keep some distance first and meet up now and then? Would you opt to live together as soon as possible, or would you prefer a long-term relationship, each with his own place? How many times a week would you like to meet? Would you like to live together in the long term? And then where? Or do you say, anywhere, as long as we're happy? Or do you insist that he or she give up or rent out the house or apartment, I mean, to move in with you? Or are you counting on being able to move in with her or him as soon as possible?

These are all questions that you can try to answer in advance. Because the clearer your wish becomes for yourself, the more concrete you can ask the Universe, the way you would like it.

In my case I wanted to take it easy in my relationship 3 years after my divorce, but in practice it turned out differently, because we wanted nothing more than to be together every DAY. But I did hold back for a while, from officially living together. Not immediately. First take a look, feel, see how it went, get to know each other better. Anyway, we have been together for almost 14 years now and have been happily married for a while!

But what I did ask for, an emotionally involved man, 2 hands on 1 stomach, a harmonious, loving relationship, I did get. As I wanted it. Because I knew very well what I no longer wanted, an unhappy, lonely relationship with someone who was unable to make an emotional connection.

And that way you quickly find out what it is that you do want, in a love relationship.

So I will give an example with the 6 points of my manifestation process for manifesting a good, beautiful, long-lasting love relationship:

point 1: Clearly outline what you want: I would like a beautiful, positive, happy, loving love relationship with someone with whom we click very well, a relationship in which we do a lot of fun things together, such as beautiful trips and trips together, planning and discussing everything together, always communicating well with each other and growing together and realizing fun projects;

point 2: Believe that you can and that you can really receive it: I really believe that by getting clear what I no longer wanted, I really started to manifest what I did want in a love relationship, so yes, I believe in it that I may receive it because I have received it and it has been 14 years, with a few downs of course, but more ups than downs. And so it may be, I think. That we always find our way back to each other. And then in a loving way, moving on with our own and collective lives, motivating and supporting each other;

point 3: Trust that it will come: I trusted that it would come and in the meantime I further organized my life and I gained more and more confidence that I could do it alone, but that a partner was welcome in my life and so yes , I got what I asked for and I still trust it to stay that way, as good as it is now;

point 4: Feeling and imagining as if it's already there: that's not a problem for me because I already have it, but even when I didn't have it yet, I was firmly convinced that the prince on the white horse would come along and voila, there he was;

point 5: Asking the Universe: I asked the Universe for a beautiful, loving relationship for a long time and I got it and I am thankful for our very beautiful time together, now and in the future;

and point 6: Letting go and leave the HOW to the Universe: I let it go, lived my life, had fun with friends and an evening course, kept myself busy, went cycling, went for walks, was busy with my job and going out and voila, I left it to the Universe HOW and WHEN it came.

Those were the 6 points of my manifestation process about manifesting a LOVE RELATIONSHIP and tomorrow you will receive a blog from me on the theme of WORK AND CAREER.

Have a nice day, bye!


Lots of love and good luck on your path

Love, light & peace,

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