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Welcome to the blog of PRECIOUS ANGELS SOLUTIONS!

Today, Monday April 3, 2023 I'm talking about "Energy and Thoughts"

♥ Much love and success on your path ♥
Love, light & peace,

Hello, I'm Petra from Precious Angels Solutions and welcome to my blog. 

I am a manifestation & motivation coach and I help individuals and entrepreneurs manifest their ideas, their wishes, their dreams, by mastering the art of manifestation in their daily life!

Today is Monday and as promised I will talk about the theme “energy and thoughts”.And by that I don't mean electricity, but energetic energy and positive vibrations.

Everything consists of energy! And before anything became matter, it was first a thought!

“Seeing and then believing” => NO, first believe and then you will see!

That is something that I would like to be allowed to take root very deeply in your way of thinking, in your “being”, that everything first arises with a thought and that thought becomes reality. One way or another.

How did inventions come about differently? By thinking about it, working it out on paper, sketching it, detailing it, and then actually working it out and testing and improving it.

So first also a thought, before it became reality.

And unfortunately we think a lot of our thoughts unconsciously. Try to become aware of that, how many thoughts go through your brain per day, consciously and unconsciously?

It has been proven that there are many more thoughts going on unconsciously than we think consciously. I don't remember the exact percentage, but I thought that about 5 to 7% of our thoughts are conscious thoughts.

That means that most of what we think really happens unconsciously.

Try to catch yourself doing it? How many things do we think every minute. I'm definitely going to do this, or do I still have to do that, ah don't forget this, oh no, I had to do that too and have I already done that? Or I'm going to watch TV, I'm going to drink a coffee, I'm going to work in the garden, to work, ...... you name it, what all passes through our minds.

I hope this or that….. I'm afraid that this or that… I'm afraid that…. those are more the kind of often unconscious thoughts that trigger fears.

For hope expresses fear, I always say. I heard or read that somewhere once and ever since then I always catch myself or other people saying it, when they use the word hope. I hope… or could he or she? I hope so, but I'm actually afraid… that's what you're saying. It will all work out. I hope so. I hope it actually says: I fear so, I'm afraid not. It will all work out. I hope so, but I'm afraid not actually. It will heal quickly. Or you will get better soon. I hope so. I hope so, but I fear so, I'm afraid not.

How OFTEN do you hear people say this?

And this too is a manifestation process. They manifest with these claims that they are afraid that it will not heal well or not quickly, that it will not get well or very slowly.

And worst of all, many people are completely unaware of this, that they are doing this. That they are actually pronouncing doom upon themselves, so to speak, in this manner.

Because you can and will manifest negative things too! Ask and it will be given to you! Ask And It Is Given! Positive and negative!

So, I hope (but really fear) that this doesn't come as too much of a shock to many of you.

But most of you are experts at manifesting! But in a negative way, usually.

This brings me back to the fact that everything starts with a thought. I hope I will heal soon, but I actually fear it. And then what will you manifest? A speedy cure? I do not think so. It will be a long process of healing, with slow progress. Painful maybe. Another thing that many people claim, when I get old I will be too sick or ill.

Who says that? Why shouldn't you be able to grow old happily and healthily? Yes, if only that were true, too good to be true, are comments that most people give.

Such thoughts then become real beliefs and settle in your mind as being the only truth there is. And the Universe will take care of it. Ah yes. You asked for it, then you will get it!

By the way, I came up with a nice coaching session for this, a session in which YOU will determine HOW you would like to grow old. Also how old you would like to be. I'll take you into your limiting, limited thoughts about it, I'll show you a world in which things can be done differently, we will erase your limited thoughts, throw them in the trash and look forward to a healthy, happy and prosperous old age! What it looks like for you, with my tips and ideas, you can work out all by yourself!

For example, my mother once told me that she will be happy if she does not collapse dead on a train platform like her father, but that when she is old she will only be 'sick'.

Literally said, I will never forget it! And then something started to simmer and bake with me, like, but why? Why should you get sick when you are old? But then I didn't have the courage to say something like that out loud. I was still too young. And too scared. But with time and getting older, I'm like, everyone can hear it and if it doesn't sound, it clashes.

And I'm more and more convinced that it's time for people to hear this. That there is HOPE, that there may be expectations, that there is CERTAINTY, if they consciously direct their thoughts towards the most positive outcome!

How wonderful is that, to know this, to have this knowledge?

So, actually, before even starting the 6 dots of my manifestation process, many people still have a lot of work to do to turn their limited thoughts into unlimited, positive thoughts.

But I will still give an example of the 6 points of my manifestation process, about HOPE:

point 1: To clearly outline what I want: I would really like more and more people, as many people as possible actually, to convert their HOPS AND FEARS into POSITIVE THOUGHTS, POSITIVE EXPECTATIONS

point 2: Believe that you can and can really receive it: I believe that by sharing my knowledge with as many people as possible, more and more people will become aware of their thoughts and will therefore participate in this in a more conscious way to deal with.

point 3: Trust that it will come: I trust that more and more people will find their way to my podcast and will want to follow it faithfully and eagerly and use my knowledge to change their minds, to improve.

point 4: Feeling and imagining as if it is already there: how fantastic it would be to see more and more people change in a positive way. It feels great to know that more and more people are starting to think more consciously.

point 5: Asking the Universe: I ask the Universe to help me spread this message as much as possible, that many people by listening to my podcast can convert tips and ideas to manifest more consciously and positive things in their lives. to live! Thank you Universe!

and point 6: Letting go and leaving it how to the Universe: I have asked what I wish for, I trust it will come and I let it go now and how do I leave it to the Universe! Thank you!

Those were the 6 dots of my manifestation process about HOPE and POSITIVE THOUGHTS and tomorrow you will receive a podcast from me on the theme of RELATIONSHIPS.

And if you need a little more help with this, you can do this online, personally, 1 on 1. You can book an online Zoom session with me via my webshop www.preciousangelssolutions.com under the Sessions/Consults tab, there you will find my coaching trajectories or send me a text or whatsapp message if you find it easier, you can do that on the Belgian telephone number 0494 25 39 84.

You can always book a single one-time coaching session of 1 hour for € 70, or take a trajectory of 4 sessions for € 240 or a trajectory of 8 sessions for € 400 if you feel you need a little more guidance.

I currently still have room for a trajectory of 4 or 8 sessions, I can always take a one-time session in between! In the morning, afternoon or evening, when it suits both of us best. We will discuss this further when you contact me.

Together we go for it! It is often easier together than doing it alone.

So welcome!

And if you just want to share your thoughts, ideas or wishes, dreams, you can do that too, I'd love to read it via my E-mail address [email protected]

And then I will definitely send you a reply.

Have a nice Monday, bye!

Lots of love and good luck on your path

Love, light & peace,


And very welcome to take a look at our webshop:


Tel. +32 494 25 39 84
E-mail: [email protected]


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