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  • 7 chakra bracelet elastic
  • 7 chakra bracelet elastic
  • 7 chakra bracelet elastic

7 chakra bracelet elastic

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In the New Age movement, the chakras have been increasingly associated with health and healing. For example, crystals and gemstones are placed on chakras or Reiki energy is used

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There are numerous interpretations and interpretations of the concept of chakra; depending on tradition and cultural differences, there are different physical, emotional or spiritual components. Most traditions employ the following seven chakras, from bottom to top:

1. Root Chakra (Garnet): Located just below the coccyx. According to the New Age movement, the first chakra is red in color and is physically related to problems with the lower back, colon, bones, hips, pelvis and buttocks.

2. Sacral chakra (Carnelian): situated at the level of the sacrum. According to the New Age movement, the sacrum chakra is orange in color and is connected to the gonads, genitals, sacrum, pelvic area, uterus, kidneys, bladder, circulation and water balance.

3. Navel chakra (Yellow Aventurine): situated at the height of the navel. The navel chakra is considered the most important place for storing energy. This chakra regulates digestion and has a major influence on the functioning of the lower body, stomach, liver and spleen.

4. Heart Chakra (Green Aventurine): Connects the lower three chakras of the instincts with the upper three chakras of the higher human consciousness. According to the New Age movement, this chakra is green in color and controls the functioning of the heart, lungs and breathing. Stable circulation, a strong heart, a healthy heart rhythm and deep, relaxed breathing indicate that the heart chakra is in balance.

5. Throat chakra (Turquoise): forms the sound and speech center in the body. The fifth chakra is blue in color according to the New Age movement and connects the heart center with the forehead chakra and is considered the mediator between feeling and thinking. This chakra aligns them with each other and ensures, for example, that ratio does not get the upper hand.

6. Third Eye Chakra (Sodalite): As a spiritual center, ensures attentiveness and awareness. According to the New Age movement, the third eye chakra is indigo in color and provides the connection with the spiritual world and opens the gates to intuitive knowledge and refers to a reality that emerges as soon as the dualistic perception of the world is transcended and the thoughts come to rest. Since the forehead chakra affects the functioning of all endocrine glands, it is essential for health.

7. Crown Chakra (Amethyst): Located above the head. The crown chakra is associated with spirituality and enlightenment. This seventh chakra has to do with the pursuit of higher states of consciousness. An opened seventh chakra causes a sense of deep peace and harmony, beyond duality. This leads to experiences of total happiness and establishes the connection with a reality beyond thought. According to the New Age movement, this chakra is violet in color.

Source: wikipedia

7 chakra / armband / armband 7 chakra
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