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  • Affirmation Training Daily

Affirmation Training Daily

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Would you also like to manifest more love, light, positive things, certain wishes and dreams in your life? Through weekly affirmation training and gratitude exercises you will manifest more beautiful things in your life! Weekly subscription! € 15/week

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Would you also like to manifest more love, light, positive things, certain wishes and dreams in your life? Then you've come to the right place!


By doing daily affirmations tailored to your life, you will discover that you will manifest more and more beautiful things in your life ♥ By feeling and showing gratitude, your vibration and energy level will increase, which will bring you beautiful things ♥


Every day, preferably in the morning, we communicate with each other via WhatsApp or Messenger (or SMS for people who do not use the previous two) for a maximum of 5 minutes per day, sending affirmations and things for which we are grateful. These can be big things, but also small everyday things. We send our gratitude and affirmations back and forth every day, so to speak.


In Dutch or English is also possible!

Some examples:

"I am grateful for this beautiful, new day full of new opportunities"
"I am grateful for the oxygen I breathe"
"I am grateful for my daughter, son, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend"
"I am grateful for this day full of new opportunities and possibilities"
"I am grateful for what nature gives us and its beauty, splendor & power"
"I am grateful for Mother Earth"

"I am happy with....."
"I have a good feeling about........."
"What would it feel like if......"
"I like to experience that......"

These are some general examples, but it can also be much more specific:

"I am grateful for my good, .......... , .......... job"
"I am grateful for my wonderful experiences with ............."
"I am grateful for the lessons from........ that I have been able to learn"

"Today I am creating....."
"Today I choose....."
"I decide today to feel.................."
"I'm manifesting today....."


Subscription per week, always starting on a Monday to Sunday ♥ 5 minutes a day, preferably in the morning or when you start your new day.

Payable in advance. Once payment has been received, your subscription will start the following Monday.


€15/week Payable via this Paypal link:

This subscription can be canceled at any time after the paid week is finished.

Or if you prefer to pay yourself per week: 


You will discover the power of affirmations!

You will see that doors will open for you, more and more!

You will see more possibilities and fewer problems!

You will find solutions!

In short, you will become more and more empowered, knowing that YOU are the creator of your own life ♥

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