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If you are looking for aura sprays, incense, candles or buddhas, be sure to take a look here. Lots of viewing and shopping pleasure!

Our range is constantly being expanded, so be very welcome to come and take a look regularly and if you don't find something you are looking for, please contact us and we will look for it as soon as possible to add it to our range.

We run a small, personal webshop and are on a mission to help you in a personal way with your search for….

Our webshop is therefore filled with semi-precious stones in the form of pendants, bracelets, cuddly stones and worry stones. They are used in alternative medicine as a medicinal or healing stone, because of their energetic charge and vibration.

Many people have already experienced that gemstones and minerals have a certain effect. They can affect body and soul and help with all kinds of ailments. In case of persistent complaints, it is of course necessary to consult your doctor!

We are very happy to help you in a personal way to find for you the right powerful stone that suits you or that you need at the moment.

You can book an online consultation for this by appointment:

or come by appointment at my home to take a look at your ideal stone or aura spray:
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