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Crystal therapy

Crystals & gems emit a powerful energy that affects our entire being. They can bring healing and restore a new balance between body and mind. They can absorb negative energies from the body, so that body and/or mind are purified.

Crystal therapy is therefore a good supportive treatment for emotional, mental and physical problems. Of course, this treatment method is not intended to replace treatment by a general practitioner or specialist. In case of persistent complaints, you should always consult your doctor.

In addition to balancing body and mind, through Crystal Therapy your consciousness and spiritual development can be expanded, your earth bond can be strengthened and the body can be freed from blockages and negative energy. It ensures that the energy can flow through your entire body again. Negative energy is replaced by positive energy and the chakras are strengthened.

Crystal therapy can be used both preventively and curatively for mental and physical ailments. It is a natural way of healing, because the self-healing capacity of the body is stimulated.

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