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#7 First Believe and then See

#7 First Believe and then See


Welcome to the blog of PRECIOUS ANGELS SOLUTIONS!

Today, Friday March 10, 2023 I'm talking about "First Believe and then See".

♥ Much love and success on your path ♥
Love, light & peace,

Hello! Welcome to the blog of PRECIOUS ANGELS SOLUTIONS!

Today, Friday March 10, 2023 I would like to talk about “First Believe and then See”.

I'll tell you more about that in a moment.

In my previous podcasts I have given you some examples from my daily life of how I follow the Law of Attraction or my points of the manifestation process.

I must admit that I don't always do this consistently for myself, which is why I'm happy with setting up this podcast, because then I motivate myself to make it 'work', for myself.

It is often the case that we know it all so well for someone else, but that for our own lives we don't take the time, the energy, the effort to do it for yourself.

What I do do is to consciously go back to what I already manifested, or the things I still want to manifest in my life and then look at it with a sense of gratitude, convinced that it will come into my life.

In the meantime I also feel more settled back at home and that is a very important thing for me. I want to feel good in the environment in which I live and work.

I feel that I'm starting to get back on track, despite the mountains of work that I'm still ' allowed ' to do at home in terms of cleaning up, messing around and throwing away. It'll come. Together with the sun and the birds chirping. Still waiting for that.

Voila, so I am very grateful with the turns my life has taken, and that I can work more from home again, near my lovely dogs, who are now sleeping comfortably in my seat, while I the computer work. Seedy!

So the manifestation or process I used for this is coming true, my dream of working more from home.

I would like to talk to you about point 7 of my manifestation process, trusting it and letting it go.

Letting go, by that I mean that you can let go of the outcome, the HOW something will come to you.

You wish for something, you feel it, you imagine it as if you already have it, you send this vibration and ask to the Universe, but then you release it, that is, you release the HOW. How the wish will come to you, that is the work of the Universe, God, Buddha, or whatever you believe in.

Letting go does not mean that you never think about it again, no, au contraire, you can think about it every day, fantasize about it, imagine that you already have it. The more the better actually.

By letting go I mean that you can 'trust' that it will come. And then we come back to the rock-solid belief of many people that they must “see and then believe”.

But the opposite is true. You will first be allowed to believe it and then you will see it. This is how everything originated, everything first arises with a thought. And that thought becomes reality.

So, today I would like you to take this mantra and repeat, repeat, repeat.

It will assist you in your manifestation process(es).

"First believe and then see" - "First believe and then see" - "First believe and then see" - "First believe and then see".

Yesterday I and my husband did another fun manifestation process, because we had seen advertising for a Renault car and then we simulated online what we would get for our car and how much a new one would cost. I could already picture myself driving that brand new, new smelling fantastic brand spanking new car.

For now it remains a dream, but it is something that we want to attract within a year or 2.
I'll keep you posted.

So this might be a good example of 'believe and see'. I believe it with full conviction that we are going to manifest that new car. And then we'll see.

But first we will get to work with our other wishes and in the meantime we are extremely grateful for the car we drive. Who always gets us safely from A to B. Which we really like to drive. Thank you dear, beautiful car.

That also reminds me of an inspiring YouTube video by Louise Hay. In which she says that she would like to buy a house where a loving couple had lived. How nice is that? That there were positive, loving energies in that house. So much cooler than buying a house, where only misery, hatred and frustration reigned.

This just to show that EVERYTHING is energy! Non-physical, until it became a thought, and manifests in the physical.

The longer I work on it, the more it fascinates me. I already believe in the power of our thoughts!

And the more positive thoughts we think, the more positive will come into our lives!

Quantum physics, something I want to explore even more in the future! Quantum physics can explain phenomena that could not be explained by ordinary physics

I plan to also listen a little more to Joe Dispenza's interpretations and discoveries in this area, in the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics.

So, what would you like to manifest today?

What are you in the mood for today?

What can you do today to feel good?

What are you grateful for today?

At what goal could you take steps forward today?

Which day-to-day things could you enjoy more?

How would you like to feel today?

Voila, some questions to answer for yourself.

If I just follow the points of the manifestation process for myself today:

Point 1: clearly outline what I want? I feel grateful and very happy to be working from home again. How wonderful it is to be able to work on my laptop from my kitchen, at the kitchen table. Gratitude! And enjoying a nice coffee on time, boring. A coffee with milk foam and sugar, mmmmmmm. It motivates me a lot and my creativity and new ideas can flow freely, while I can run a washing machine or do some other small household chore in between.

Point 2: Feeling like I already have it: It definitely feels great to work from home. I feel good, energetic and optimistic. And when I need it, I open the front door to take in some fresh air. And soon, I'm already looking forward to that, back in the garden, working at the garden table, enjoying the chirping of the birds, the fluttering up and down, grass that turns greener, flowers that come back above the ground. Everything was there underground, just waiting for sun and rain. Sick!

Point 3: trust that it will come: yes, I trusted it, in my case the dream has come true. By getting more and more clarity about my wish and building on it, I was able to ask the Universe for my wish and the Universe made sure that I got it!

Point 4: even more confidence that it will come: in my case it has already manifested itself actually. I'm back working from home, how much better can it be? What else is possible? That I get more and more online clients, so that I can continue to work from home at ease, by being able to help people with their manifestation processes.

Point 5: ask the Universe and this in the words as if I already have it: thank you Universe for making my wish or dream come true, that I can work more and more successfully from home, with my lovely dogs, so that they never have to only have to sit ♥

Point 6: Don't worry about the HOW: the Universe knows what's best for me and brings me what I ask, Ask and it is Given!

Point 7: Just trust and let go: I let go of the HOW, how something comes to me, because I am convinced that the Universe knows what is best for me. And if anything comes to an end because of that, it means something better was in store for me and I trust the Universe in that 100%. And I regularly repeat my wish and I also feel this wish and am very grateful that the Universe gives me what I need.

Voila! That was my manifestation process for today….

Now you!

What would you like to manifest? Which idea, wish, dream would you like to develop further and get more clarity about it, so that you can ask the Universe?

I wish you a lot of fun manifesting your dream!

And if you would like more help with this, personally, 1 on 1, you can book an online session with me via my webshop www.preciousangelssolutions.com under the Sessions/Consults tab, there you will find my coaching trajectories. This can be done in a single coaching session of 1 hour for € 70, or in a trajectory of 4 sessions for € 240 or a trajectory of 8 sessions for € 400 if your manifestation process is a bit more complex or if you feel you need more guidance. Need. Together we go for it! It is sometimes easier together than doing it alone. I personally prefer the longer trajectories together, because I am convinced that then it becomes more personal, learning the manifestation process.

A study was once done on this, about how long it takes before you learn a new habit.

But if you just want to get acquainted with it, this is also possible with me in 1 session. Welcome!

And if you would like to share your thoughts, ideas or wishes, you can do so via my E-mail address [email protected]

Have a great day and see you next time!


Lots of love and good luck on your path

Love, light & peace,

And very welcome to take a look at our webshop:


Tel. +32 494 25 39 84
E-mail: [email protected]


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