What do you want, WHY & HOW would you FEEL if you already had it
Written by Petra Lüdecke on February 14th 2019
Hi, Petra here, certified Quantum Success Law Of Attraction Coach and I love to call myself a lighthouse for people who have lost track of their desires and dreams and I guide them to a more happy, fulfilled and abundant life ♥.

What I would like to talk about today, is how we can attract things by focusing on one important question and that is : WHAT IS IT THAT I WANT…. WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Often people focus on what they don’t want, so they also attract that outcome, whether it is negative or positive. So why not attracting things that we do want in our lives?

That is an exercise I would like to take you through…so you can apply it to every area of your life…
What is it that you want in your life? In your career, your relationships, whatever.

So what is it that you do want? It could be for instance, I would like to have a wonderful job, with good hours and a good salary, I would love to have a good relationship with my soulmate, or more simple things like, I would like to feel happy, I want to feel peaceful today.

So if you have written down some things that you do want, then the next question is, why?
Why do you want it? Why do you want to have that good job, or good relationship or why do you want to feel good today or happy or peaceful?

For instance you might want to feel good, because then your day would flow so much more relaxed, or you want that awesome relationship because it would be wonderful to have a soulmate that completes you, that you feel happy with.

Why do you want it, the thing that you want? Why is it that you want it?

And then the last question I want you to think about, is How would it make you FEEL if you already had what you want, what you desire.

So for instance, I would feel so awesome and great, or happy and joyful.
You can apply this exercise on any area in your life.

Please feel free to share your insights, or breakthroughs when doing this exercise.
You can do that on my facebook page Precious Angels Solutions or send me an e-mail at: petra@preciousangelssolutions.com

Of course I would also be very happy to guide you through this exercise, if you would like a little assistance with it. You can always schedule a free session with me https://preciousangelssolutionsacuity.as.me/connectingtalk

Enjoy your day! And talk to you soon!


Petra Lüdecke

Petra likes to call herself a 'lighthouse' that guides people who feel unhappy, down or depressed to lead a happy, joyful, fulfilled & abundant life again by getting them clarity about what they really want in their lives and how to apply the Law Of Attraction in their daily lives.
You can always schedule a free session with her, just push the button and find a date and time that suits you ♥
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