The Art of Allowing
Written by Petra Lüdecke on March 1st 2019
Hi, Petra here, certified Quantum Success Law Of Attraction Coach and I love to call myself a lighthouse for people who have lost track of their desires and dreams and I guide them to a more happy, fulfilled and abundant life ♥.

Today I would like to talk about how to allow more in you daily life.

First, what is the definition of “Allowing” ?

Allowing is “giving permission for something to happen or somebody to do something”.
Allowing also means “To let somebody or yourself have something , often a benefit or pleasure of some kind”.

One of the basic laws of the Universe is the Law of Allowing.
And as my teacher Christy Whitman, founder of the QSCA- Quantum Success Coaching Academy explains so well, is that there are 2 ways that you can apply this law.

The first way is the way we allow others to be as they are, and the second is the way we allow from the Universe to deliver all that we desire.
Application of the Law of Allowing promises you ease and effortlessness as you apply this principle of no resistance.

When you are motivated by love and your connection to well-being, your positive energy flows. You can then use this surplus of energy to manifest what you intentionally want to create.
Inspiration and creativity can then flow through you and the unmanifested becomes manifested.

Here is a way to practice the Law of Allowing: when someone pushes your buttons and you have an emotional reaction to what they say or do, say to yourself: He or she is neither good nor bad. I don’t like him or dislike him. He just is. He’s another human being doing the best he can. He is probably doing the best he knows how, given his conditioning, his beliefs, his circumstances, and his present needs and desires.

Another way to practice the Law of Allowing is becoming an observer and allow other people to be, have, or do as they will, without trying to fix anything, or change them, or make them wrong for being who they are, for having what they have, or for doing what they do.

So, I would like to invite you to become aware of the ways in which you are not allowing what you desire to manifest. Become aware of the ways that you are in resistance. 

Where are you judging others to be how they “should’ be instead of allowing them to be who they are?
What are you not allowing to have or to be? How could you allow more in your daily life?

Think about it and feel free to let me know your insights or questions about the Law of Allowing. 

You can reach me through my Facebook page Precious Angels Solutions or feel free to E-mail me at

Of course I would also be very happy to guide you through this exercise, if you would like a little assistance with it. You can always schedule a free session with me

Enjoy your day! And talk to you soon!


Petra Lüdecke

Petra likes to call herself a 'lighthouse' that guides people who feel unhappy, down or depressed to lead a happy, joyful, fulfilled & abundant life again by getting them clarity about what they really want in their lives and how to apply the Law Of Attraction in their daily lives.

You can always schedule a free session with her, just push the button and find a date and time that suits you ♥

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