Clarity Through Contrast
Written by Petra Lüdecke on February 1st 2019
Hi, Petra here, certified Quantum Success Law Of Attraction Coach and I love to call myself a lighthouse for people who have lost track of their desires and dreams and I guide them to a more happy, fulfilled and abundant life ♥.

Often people don’t know what they want in their lives. They just don’t know at all how they would like to live their life, more peaceful and happily. How to live more consciously. Some people just take things as they come and let life being lived through them and not by them. Disconnected. Not listening to their bodies, that say NO, STOP? How many times do you pass your day unconsciously, or on automatic pilot, being happy to finally arrive home at the end of the day, all empty and exhausted?

People often focus on what they don’t want in their life, but what you ask for is always given, whether it is a positive or a negative thing. So if you for instance say, “it is going to be so hectic at work today” or “it is going to be such a long stressful day” , what is it that you are going to attract?
I would like to give you this exercise to write down on a piece of paper an area in your life, that you would like to change. Then draw a vertical line down the center of the page.

On the left side you write as a title “Contrast”. On the right hand side you write as a title “Clarity”.

Now I would like you to start writing down under the “Contrast” part, all things that are troubling you about your situation and all the things that you don’t like about it. For example, if you are building a contrast list about your ideal career, the list may include “the hours are too long” or “the pay is too low.”

After you have written down all things that you don’t like in that certain area, read them out loud again one by one, asking yourself “What DO I want instead?”

And if you find the answer, then write it down on the right side of the paper under the “Clarity” title.

On the clarity side you might for instance write “I can manage my work in time, so that I can go home at a normal hour” or “if it is only once in a while I can manage and arranger to work some overtime”, or whatever comes into your mind in that certain area that you would like to change.

When you are done writing, CROSS OUT everything that you don’t want and then read out loud again what you do want.

By using this Clarity Through Contrast process, you will get a better understanding of what you want (clarity) by listing what you don’t want (contrast).

Please feel free to share your insights, or breakthroughs when doing this exercise.
You can do that on my facebook page Precious Angels Solutions or send me an e-mail at:

Of course I would also be very happy to guide you through this exercise, if you would like a little assistance with it. You can always schedule a free session with me

Enjoy your day! And talk to you soon!


Petra Lüdecke

Petra likes to call herself a 'lighthouse' that guides people who feel stuck, unhappy, down or depressed to lead a happy, joyful, fulfilled & abundant life again by getting them clarity about what they really want in their lives and how to apply the Law Of Attraction in their daily lives.

You can always schedule a free session with her, just push the button and find a date and time that suits you ♥

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