About Petra
Petra is a Quantum Success Law Of Attraction Coach and entrepreneur from Antwerp Belgium. She has worked in administration jobs more than 20 years and after having a burn-out and getting back on her feet again (by getting clarity about what she really wanted, desired, dreamed of....)   successfully started a coaching business.

Petra likes to call herself a 'lighthouse' that guides people who feel stuck, unhappy, down or depressed to lead a happy, joyful, fulfilled & abundant life again by getting them clarity about what they really want in their lives and how to apply the Law Of Attraction in their daily lives. 

She does this by coaching her clients 1 on 1 online in a coaching session, where she 'listens' to her clients, 'supports' them & motivates them by using exercises and processes to lift her clients' vibration and energy. 

Petra's mission statement: 

"She wants to empty hospitals by making people see that diseases come forth from DIS-EASE and if the dis-ease gets treated correctly and in time, people will not develop terrible diseases anymore. What a wonderful world it would be!"
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